Adlerkreutz Tissue Forceps
 Adson's Dressing Forceps
 Adson's Tissue Forceps
 Anderson's Obstetrical Forceps
 Angiotribe Forceps
 Annealing Tweezers
 Approximstion Forceps
 Applicator Jar
 Arruga Needle Holders with TC
 Artery Forceps
 Arthur's Splinter Forceps
 Ayer Chalazion Forceps



 Babcock Needle Holder with TC
 Backhaus Towel Forceps

 Bandage Scissors
 Barber Scissors
 Barne's Obstetrical Forceps
 Baumgarner with TC
 Beebee's Scissors
 Bergmann's Plaster Scissors
 Birkett Tonsil Forceps
 Bone Clamps
 Bonney Tissue Forceps
 Bowles Sterlizer Forceps
 Bozemann-Douglas Uterine Forceps
 Bozemann Uterine Forceps
 Braun's Tenaculum Forceps
 Brun's Plaster Shears
 Bryant's Dressing Forceps
 Bunt's Holder for Sterlizer Forceps


 Carmalt Splinter Forceps
 Castroviejo Needle Holders with TC
 Catheter Trays
 Chaput Haemostatic Forceps
 Championniere Approximation

 Cheatle's Sterlizer Forceps
 Childe's Approximation Forceps
 Childe's Intestinal Holding Forceps
 Chiron Dressing Forceps
 Chiron Uterine Forceps
 Clip Applying Forceps
 Clip Removing Forceps
 College Tweezers
 Collin's Pelvimeters
 Collin's Uterine Forceps
 Collin-Sellor Haemostatic Forceps
 Corn Cutters
 Cotton Dispenser & Waste Collector
 Craford Haemostatic Forceps
 Craford-Sellors Haemostatic

 Crile Gall Duct Forceps
 Crile Haemostatic Forceps
 Crile Wood Needle Holders with TC
 Crown & Gum Scissors
 Cusco's Vaginal Speculum
 Cutical Nippers
 Cutical Scissors


 Dartigue's Uterine Elevating

 Davis Sterlizer Forceps
 De Bakey Needle Holder with TC
 Decapitation Scissors
 Denman's (Smellie's) Perforator
 Dental Pliers
 Dental Tweezers
 Derf with Tungsten Carbide
 Desjardin's Gall Bladders Forceps
 Desjardin's Stone Forceps
 Desmarres Chalazion Forceps
 Dissecting Scissors
 Doyen Scissors
 Doyen Towel Forceps
 Dressing Forceps
 Dressing Jars
 Dressing Tweezers
Draht-Kneifzangen Wire Cutting
 Pliers with TC

 Dubois Decapitation Scissors
 Dudfield Rose Haemostatic Forceps
 Dunhil's Artery Forceps
 Duval Needle Holder with TC
 Duval Tissue Forceps


 Elsching Fixation Forceps
 Embroidery Scissors
 Emesis Basin
 Epistotomy Scissors
 Eyebrow Tweezers
 Eye Instruments
 Eye Scissor
 Extraction Forceps
 (English Pattern)
 (American Pattern)


 Fancy Scissors
 Farkas Clip Applying Forceps

 Faure Hysterectomy Forceps
 Failchenfeld Splinter Forceps
 Fergusson's Angiotribe Forceps
 Finochietto Haemostatic Forceps
 Fletcher Sponge Holding Forceps
 Forceps Jar
 Foerster sponge Holding


 Gall bladders Instruments
 Gall Duct Forceps
 Gauze Shears
 Gillies Needle Holders & Scissors
 Gillies Tissue Forceps
 Grave's Vaginal Speculum

 Grey's Gall Duct Forceps
 Gross Dressing Forceps
 Gum Scissors
 Gynecological Instruments


 Haemostatic Forceps
 Hair Cutting Machines
 Halstead's Mosquito Artery Forceps
 Halsy with Tungsten Carbide
 Handles (Scalpels)
 Harrison's Bowl Sterlizer Forceps
 Heaney Haemostatic Forceps
 Heaney with TC
 Heaney Hysterectomy Forceps
 Heath's Clip Removing Forceps
 Heath's Ligature Scissors
 Hegar Uterine Dilators
 Henning Plaster Shears
 Henrotin's Vusellum Forceps
 Hospital Haemostatic Forceps
 Household Scissors
 Hufnagle-Ryder Needle Holders
 with TC

 Hunter's Splinter Forceps
 Hysterectomy Forceps


 Jackson Tonsil Forceps
 Jacob's Vusellum Forceps
 Jarcho Tenaculum Forceps
 Jones Towel Forceps


 Kelly Haemostatic Forceps
 Kelly Vascular Scissors
 Kilner Haemostatic Forceps
 Knowles Bandage Scissors
 Kochers Artery Forceps
 Kronleins Dressing Forceps


 Lane's Tissue Forceps
 Langenbeck's Needle Holders
 Listers Bandage Scissors
 Littauer's Ligature Scissors
 Long Beaked Pliers
 Lorenz Plaster Scissors
 Lovelace's Intestinal Clamps
 Luethy-Beck Needle Holder with TC
 Luikart-Simpson Obstetrical Forceps
 Lutuz Michel Clip Removing Hooks


 Maier's Dressing Forceps
 Maier's Scissors
 Maier's Uterine Polypus Forceps
 Manicure Kits
 Manicure Scissors
 Masson Needle Holders with TC
 Mathieu Needle Holders
 Mathieu Needle Holders with TC
 Mayo Scissors
 Mayo Towel Forceps
 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holders with TC
 Mayo-Lexer Scissors
 Mayo-Stille Scissors
 Mc indeo dressing forceps
 Measuring Jugs
 Medicine Cup
 Meriam's tweezers
 Metzanbaum scissors
 Michel's clip applying forceps
 Mikuliez hysterectomy forceps
 Mixing/Solution Bowl
 Mixter haemostatic forceps
 Milne murray's obstetrical forceps
 Mosquito artery forceps
 Moynihan's towel forceps
 Museux's Vusellum forceps


 Nail Pedicure Cutter
 Nail Files
 Nail Scissors

 Nail Cutical Nippers
 Needles holders
 Negu's tonsil arterv forceps
 Neville barne's obstetrical forceps
 New Orleans with TC
 Noyes fixation forceps


 Olsen-Heger needle holder & scissors
 Olsen-Heger needle holder with TC
 Ointments Jar
 Opreating scissors
 O'shaugnessy gall duct forceps
 Ovum forceps


 Parametrium clamps
 Pean artery forceps
 Perforated Instruments Trays
 Perry's anneling twezzers
 Piper obstetrical forceps
 Placenta forceps
 Plaster breaker
 Plaster scissors
 Plaster shears
 Plaster spreade
 Plugging tweezers
 Poots-Smith with TC
 Pratt's vusellum forceps
 Professional Barber Scissors
 Professional Barber Thinning




 Ralk's splinter forceps
 Ramplay's sponge holding forceps
 Richter scissors
 Rochester carmalt
 heamostatic forceps
 Rochester ochner
 heamostatic forceps

 Rochester pean
 heamostatic forceps

 Rochester carmalt
 Ochner forceps

 Roder towel forceps
 Ryder Needle Holders with TC


 Saenger placenta forceps
 Sarot with Tungsten Carbide
 Scalpel handle
 Scadele's towel forceps
 Schnidt tonsil forceps
 Schroeder's tenaculam Forceps
 Schulze gauze shears
 Semken's dressing forceps
 Seutin's plaster shears
 Shallcross gall duct forceps
 Shaving Razors
 Sim's uterine depressors
 Sim's uterine dilators
 Sim's uterine scissors
 Sim's vaginal speculum
 Sinus forceps
 Skene tenaculam forceps
 Sluder-ballenger tonsillectome
 Smellie's perforators
 Smith bandage scissors
 Smith gauze shears
 Smith scissors
 Solution Basin
 Somer's uterine elevating Forceps
 Spencer wells artery forceps
 Splinter forceps
 Sponge holding forceps
 Strabismus scissors
 Sterilizer containers
 Sterilizer forceps
 Sterilizer instruments
 Sterilization Trays
 Steven's iris forceps
 Stille plaster shears
 Stratte Needle Holders with TC
 Storage Containers
 Suture forceps
 Suture needles
 Syieglitz's splinter forceps


 Tailoring Shears
 Tarnier obstetrical forceps
 Thinning Shears
 Thomas uterine curettes
 Thumb dressing forceps
 Thinning Scissors
 Tissue forceps
 Tobold's laryngeal polypus Forceps
 Toennis Needle Holders with TC
 Tooth forceps english pattern
 Tooth forceps new American  Pattern
 Towel forceps
 Tittle tissue forceps
 Tip Cutters


 Umbilical scissors
 Universal pin cutting pliers
 Uterine curettes
 Uterine depressors
 Uterine dialators
 Uterine dressing forceps
 Uterine elevating forceps
 Uterine forceps
 Uterine polypus forceps
 Uterine scissors
 Utility Scissors


 Vaginal speculum
 Vascular scissors
 Vusellum forceps


 Wachenfeldt clip appliying Forceps
 Waldau fixation forceps
 Walter's splinter forceps
 Walting's annealing tweezers
 Ward scissors
 Webster with TC
 Wertheim's haemostatic forceps
 Wertiem's hysterrectomy forceps
 Werthiem's parametrium clamps
 Werthiem's scissors
 Werthiem cullen heamostatic forceps
 Wertheim-Cullen parametrium clamps
 Wolf's plaster breaker
 Wylie's uterine dilators